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Deliver the customer experience your customers deserve.

Businesses strive to build valuable relationships through better customer engagement and customer loyalty.

With PlanetPress™, you make every transactional communication count. Deliver the ultimate customer experience with on-demand, relevant, personalised, multichannel and interactive communications.

Control input data, and all digital and print communications (output) from the the same tool. Automate distribution, mail preparation and archiving tasks through the powerful PlanetPress Connect Workflow.

Gone are the days of "flat PDF" statements, with PlanetPress Connect your customer documents (like statements and invoices) becomes interactive tools that truly communicates with your customers.

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PlanetPress® Connect Video

Product Overview

Click on the play button to view this short & informative overview of PlanetPress Connect software.

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DataMapper Video

Get to know our DataMapper

The missing link between your data and your variable data documents.

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Multi-context Designer

See the the new Designer in action

Design all your printed documents, web pages and emails in one place.

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Connect Workflow

Our famous Workflow tool Video

Where the magic happens...

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  PlanetPress Connect

Bridge the gaps between your ERPs, CRMs and financial systems.

Live monitoring of your systems

One of the most powerful features of PlanetPress Connect is its ability to listen to digital processes that happen in your organisation. Whether it's a document being sent to the printer, an email being sent or received, an update to a particular folder or a request made to your web server, PlanetPress Connect is always on and ready to trigger processes that you set up and change on your own.

Better access to all your data, wherever it is

Automating business process requires access to client information quickly and efficiently so decisions can be made. PlanetPress Connect’s DataMapper tool lets you extract and map data from databases, text files (XML, CSV, TXT), print streams and PDF files so that they become raw data available for you to reuse in any way you want.

Better access to data means…

More flexibility

The workflow automation tool gives you the ability to work with real-time data so intelligent documents and document workflows can be created.

Accurate data

Up to date information means less communication errors, less time spent verifying documents, less worrying, and in general, less grey hair.


Being able to listen and automate processes, based on triggers such as a customer click in an email, text messages, and QR code scans will save you time and money.


Clients and suppliers like to know where they stand. Whether you have a web portal or want to print or email account statements, PlanetPress Connect is the solution.

IT system

PlanetPress Connect reads input and output files your systems already handles so you don’t need to worry about implementation or updating any software you already have.

No more barriers

Legacy mentality keeps customers captive in their current inflexible environment. PlanetPress Connect is here to put you back in control.

The perfect multi-channel communication toolset


The DataMapper was created so data in all your systems becomes available in one place. Queries can be stored so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time.


The Multi-context Designer was created so datasets retrieved for a particular mailing, can also be used in other contexts such as for emails or on the Web.


PlanetPress Connect’s Workflow automation tool has been around for years now and has proven its efficiency for designing and implementing automated business processes.

  DataMapper   Multi-context Designer   Workflow Tool  


The missing link between your data and your variable data documents

With PlanetPress Connect’s DataMapper, map data to make it easily accessible for your documents, web pages and email templates.

DataModels are pre-built chunks of data, designers can work with when creating new documents or re-engineering existing ones. Raw data as well as calculated data can be made available to bring document personalisation to the next level.

1 - Map data from various sources

PlanetPress Connect can capture and read data in pretty much any format. ASCII, print streams, hot folders, emails, HTTP requests, PDFs or database exports. Wherever your data is located, you can use the DataMapper to retrieve and store as a Unified Data Model.

2 - Generate a Unified data Model for the design phase

Once created, the Unified Data Model allows for the easy creation of print documents, emails or web pages. Even if the data comes from different systems, they look like they’re all coming from the same place, making it that much simpler for the person responsible for the design to do his/her job.

3 - Use the same Unified Data Model in multiple designs

Once they’re created, Unified Data Models can be used for the composition of any PlanetPress documents or variations of the same document. A Unified Data Model acts as a data source. So for instance, let’s say you changed a variable like quantity in a HTML invoice, the email within which it’s embedded is then automatically updated with the new information.

Data mapping features

  • Simplified data mapping wizard for Database, CSV and Excel
  • Text data mapping
  • XML data mapping
  • PDF data mapping (including PDF/VT structure)
  • PCL data mapping (Optional)

Get to know your DataMapper

  Multi-context Designer

Design all your printed documents, web pages and emails in one place

Similar to how content management systems work, our designer tool is able to access data stored virtually anywhere so you can use it in your email template and/or on your print template.

  • A single multilingual interface to learn
  • Start your design from an existing web page
  • Better consistency in your communications
  • Access multiple data sources
  • Reuse code snippets on multiple templates
  • Attach files to your emails
  • Separate print and email setting configurations
  • Share graphic resources (ex: CSS) between your designs
  PlanetPress Connect Designer  

Native technology

PlanetPress Connect doesn’t try to convert a print format into HTML. It doesn’t try to hack a print version out of HTML files either. Everything is built using the proper native technologies, so you can take full advantage of all of them. Think of responsive design for web pages and emails, or PPML and PDF/A for printed and digital documents.


Native web output formats and protocols

  • A single multilingual interface to learn
  • Responsive email (HTML/CSS)
  • Secure and responsive web page (HTMLS/CSS/JS)
  • Text (CSV/XML)
  • FTP, Telnet, Soap

Native print output formats

  • Windows printing
  • PPML, PCL, PostScript
  • Line printer data, Channel Skip

One solution to rule them all

PlanetPress Connect provides you with a single interface to build and design all your business communications. Designing your print, email or web documents from the same tool give you the ability to use a shared set of variable data. It makes it much easier to ensure your documents are consistent with one another.


Where the magic happens.

  PlanetPress Connect Designer  

Automate simple tasks

PlanetPress Connect is all about gaining time and efficiency when handling documents and information. Here are some quick wins we can help with:

  • Archiving files in a folder on a regular basis
  • Sending an email alert when a document is received
  • Synchronising information between two systems overnight
  • Creating documents when web forms are completed

Automate complex workflows

PlanetPress Connect fills the gaps between your systems, making them look and feel fully integrated. Thanks to a large set of controllers and listeners, you can automate and trigger processes that will accelerate and enhance your way of doing business.


Input tasks

  • Email input
  • Folder Capture
  • FTP input
  • HTTP input
  • SOAP input
  • Telnet input
  • LPD input
  • Serial input
  • WinQueue input
  • Retrieve job item


  • SharePoint (input / output)
  • Microsoft Excel Lookup
  • Microsoft Word Lookup
  • Laserfiche
  • PrintShop Mail
  • MRDX

PlanetPress Capture

  • Field Generator
  • Folder Capture
  • Field Processor
  • PGC Splitter
  • Extract ICR
  • Find Document
  • PGC to PDF
  • Capture Conditions

Data splitters

  • Database splitter
  • In stream splitter
  • Pdf splitter
  • XML splitter

Actions tasks

  • Create PDF
  • Create Email Content
  • Create Web Content
  • Create Output
  • Create Job
  • Create Print Content
  • Barcode scan
  • Add document
  • Add/Remove Text
  • Decompress file(s)
  • Load External File
  • Open XSLT
  • Send to folder
  • Run Script
  • Filter
  • Search & Replace
  • Rename
  • Mathematical Operations

Process Logic Tasks

  • Execute Data Mapping
  • Merge Jobs
  • Set Job Properties
  • Branch
  • Comment
  • File Name Condition
  • File Size Condition
  • Loop
  • Send to Process
  • SNMP Condition
  • Text Condition
  • Time of Day Condition
  • Run Script Condition


  • Create Metadata
  • Embed/Extract Metadata
  • Metadata File Management
  • Metadata Filter
  • Metadata Level Creation
  • Metadata Sequencer
  • Metadata Sorter
  • Metadata to PDI

Output tasks

  • Delete
  • FTP Output
  • Soap Client Output
  • Windows Printer
  • Printer Queue Output
  • Send Email
  • Send to Folder

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