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PDF Signing Certificates

Create digitally signed and certified PDF documents in minutes.

Using PDF Signing to digitally sign the document, is the electronic equivalent of adding a notarised, wet ink signature.

pbDigital is fully integrated with International Certificate Authority, GlobalSign for Adobe Acrobat® Certified Document Services.

A certified document assures the recipient that the document is authentic, comes from a verified source, and has not been tampered with. Approval signatures expedite an organisation's approval procedure by capturing the electronic approvals made by individuals or departments and embedding them within the actual PDF.

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As a member of both Adobe’s Certified Document Services (CDS) and Approved Trust List (AATL), GlobalSign PDF Signing Certificates are compatible with Adobe Acrobat/Reader 8.0+.

The Adobe CDS Signing Certificates that pbDigital offer are verified each time the PDF document is opened, which enables real-time verification. Signature validity is determined by checking the authenticity of the signature’s digital ID certificate using industry standard X.509 digital certificates chained to the Adobe Root Authority to allow automatic validation of authenticity of the author and integrity of the document.

Let pbDigital take care of your personal digital certificates through our GlobalSign managed PKI cloud in South Africa. Our Adobe CDS X.509 Digital Certificates are issued to an entity (i.e. person or business) that helps to prove that entity’s identity. The Digital ID binds an individual’s verified identity typically including the name, company name and email address (chained to the company domain) of the Digital ID owner to a unique cryptographic credential.

With Globalsign's Adobe CDS certificates, you can:

  • Sign and certify PDFs to prove authorship
  • Finalise contents and secure against future tampering
  • Add customisable approval signatures, such as an image of your physical signature or an engineering seal using SignFlow with document workflow
  • Create long term signatures
  • Use the SignFlow document workflow with audit trail services to support non-repudiation and audit trails
  • Comply with industry regulations and local and international electronic signing laws.
  • Save time and resources over paper-based signature workflows
  • Digitally sign emails

Simple Certificate Management with Managed PKI

Digital Certificates used for two-factor authentication, secure email, and document signing are easily deployed and managed using pbDigital's cloud-based PKI which is in turn directly connected to GlobalSign's managed PKI cloud. This greatly reduces deployment time and removes the need for our customers to have in-depth knowledge and experience managing cryptographic environments.

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