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FileBound Named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management 2015

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FileBound is an on-premise or cloud-based ECM application that automates the flow of enterprise work. Manage business processes from beginning to end, and reliably connect people and information wherever they are.

FileBound helps you drive out paper-based processes to decrease costs and increase productivity, and supports compliance with internal and external mandates.

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FileBound Introduction

Did you know series - Introduction Video

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FileBound Workflow

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An informative overview of FileBound's super efficient Workflow.

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FileBound E-forms

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An informative overview of FileBound's E-Forms builder.

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FileBound Integration

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An informative overview of FileBound's powerful Integration tools

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  FileBound® ECM System

Improve Business Efficiency

Increase your productivity, decrease costs and support compliance requirements.

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The Agility You Need for Fast ROI

"Work is changing and FileBound gives you the agility to stay ahead of it. An end-to-end solution for document and workflow automation, FileBound includes all of the capability you need to improve the way work flows through your organisation in an elegantly simple software application:

  • Capture – requires little or no effort for users to store content of all kinds in our secure repository, making everyone’s job easier
  • Electronic forms – allow you to collect data from internal or external users and trigger workflows directly from FileBound, reducing cycle times for all kinds of processes
  • Workflow – empowers users to automate processes with a graphical, user-friendly configuration tool, enabling quick deployment
  • Integration – seamlessly transitions data to/from existing or future applications users rely on to get their work done, eliminating duplicate effort and information silos
  • Analytics – uncover intelligence about the data in the FileBound system, insight into current performance and process status and strategies for future process improvement
  • Mobile – lets users work when, where and how they want with responsive technology that delivers an optimum experience, regardless of the device

What Makes FileBound Different?

  • Cloud-native technology that delivers the accessibility, ease of deployment and scalability that can only be found in a product built from the ground up to be accessed via the Web
  • No “nickel and diming” or hidden costs because FileBound is all-in-one solution offering a breadth of capabilities, allowing organisations to easily and quickly create or modify solutions
  • Flexible, simple licensing and deployment models that support how our customers want to work at a cost that delivers real ROI
  • Exceptional focus on user experience with a streamlined interface that makes it easy for users to complete even complex tasks with minimal training
  • Economical user licensing options that make it practical to extend secure access to FileBound even to occasional or temporary employees, enabling a truly enterprise approach to work management

The perfect, flexible choice for scalability versus functionality.
Three product choices built for Africa


FileBound is an affordable document management solution that addresses critical business needs and eliminates soft cost expenditures for organisations of all sizes.


FileBound On-Demand allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a complete document management system without the upfront capital investment of an installed solution.


FileBound Express provides everything you need right in the box. Simply plug the Express appliance into your network and instantly begin realising the benefits.

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  Document Management

The Foundation for Improved Work Management is Document Management

What you don’t know can hurt you, especially if you don’t know information that is critical to providing customer service, completing a business transaction or complying with internal or regulatory compliance mandates. FileBound Document Management makes it easier for users to store all of critical business content – scanned images, Word documents, audio/video files, email and more – in a secure centralised repository.

Once documents are in FileBound, they can be shared with other employees, protected against viewing by unauthorised users, accessed via a simple search and organised to reflect the way employees work. An all-in-one application, FileBound Document Management includes:

  • Electronic forms capability that can be used to collect data from internal users or external customers
  • Flexible licensing options to affordably fit any usage scenario, making FileBound a practical solution for a truly enterprise content strategy
  • The capability to capture virtually any kind of document or content through multiple means, including drag-and drop from the desktop and TIFF printing, and extract data from structured forms
  • An integration kit that can be used to connect documents and data to other enterprise systems users need to complete their work.
  • The ability to perform granular metadata searches for specific documents, search across the entire document repository or view related documents with a single click
  • Easy to configure user rules and security settings to balance access with privacy and compliance
  • Seamless, device agnostic mobile access to allow workers to access documents wherever, whenever and however they want

Document Management delivers nearly immediate improvements in efficiency and can be further optimised with the addition of Filebound Workflow.

  Records Management

Compliance without Complexity through Filebound Records Management

Documents serve countless functions within an organisation from driving the application and onboarding process of new employees to confirming business agreements as binding contracts. Some of these documents also serve as records because they are evidence to support compliance, accountability or legal claims. FileBound offers organisations the ability to manage the retention and disposition of records as well as impose legal holds from within the intuitive FileBound interface.

Using FileBound Records Management, organisations can identify which documents need to be managed as records and create specific retention schedules and rules to accommodate practically any requirement. User roles can range from full records administrator to no access at all, with many variations in between.

FileBound Records Management complements the document and workflow automation capabilities of FileBound with the ability to:

  • Ensure that all declared records are retained according to internal and/or external requirements and provide proof that appropriate policies and procedures were followed
  • Oversee the consistent and timely destruction of records that have reached the end of their lifecycles to avoid potential liability
  • Guarantee that documents needed for potential litigation cannot be destroyed and are available to investigators
  • Provide a full audit trail and reporting on all declared records and associated actions to prove their validity and integrity to demonstrate compliance and disprove spoliation in legal actions
  • Deliver reports on legal holds, record destruction, record declaration and disposition approval as well as standard FileBound reports that track actions involving records
  • Present system-wide information about content, users, projects and activities in a convenient dashboard view

  Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

FileBound provides Business Process Automation (BPA) tools that allow organisations to streamline processes in order to reduce cost, eliminate errors and create scalability

Typical applications that benefit from BPA include:

  • Account Payable (AP) approval processes
  • Human Resource (HR) hiring processes
  • Credit approvals
  • Claims processing


Business Process Automation

Filebound provides functionality that allows users to quickly design, test and run process automation workflows without wrtiting custom code. Filebound workflow connects users with assigned work to improve productivity and accountability.

FileBound allows the automation of the following:

  • Process decisions
  • Assignments
  • Notifications
  • Escalations
  • Timers
  • Checklists

  Document Workflow and Automation Analytics

Bringing Intelligence to Management

Truly revolutionising work management takes more than getting control of documents and routing them through a process. Without an understanding of what the data means or where there is opportunity for process improvement, an organisation won’t get the complete value of the solution they’ve invested in.

FileBound combines robust analytic capabilities with focus on the user experience to deliver organisational intelligence without the complexity. Users with appropriate rights don’t have to be database reporting specialists to view data on the fly, create standard reports or build dashboards.

  • Better understand the overall demographics and trends of the content contained in stored documents to make better informed business decisions.
  • Evaluate user productivity or process efficiency to identify areas for improvement or incentivise outstanding performance.
  • Anticipate the effects of current trends or events on future productivity or competitiveness to future-proof operations.

FileBound - Did you know series - Workflow


Document Workflow Automation E-Forms.

Create Electronic / E-Forms in Minutes

FileBound’s document and workflow automation software helps organisations focus on the work that really matters by eliminating manual paper-based processes. Many organisations that use FileBound find that electronic forms empower them to eliminate even more paper and expand the value of their FileBound systems to new processes.

Using drag-and-drop design tools, business users can quickly create the forms they need and share them with internal users or with the world. Users have the convenience of quickly filling out an online form and uploading supporting documents. Once the form is completed, it can be imported into FileBound immediately to trigger workflow processes faster and without the need to scan documents.

The possibilities for using FileBound E-forms are practically endless. Customers have designed forms for everything from allowing employees to request time off to enabling college students to drop or add classes to gathering online applications from potential employees. E-forms help these organisations:

  • Capture requests and automatically route them to the right person or automated process, reducing time spent handling paper forms or tracking down emails
  • Gather information of virtually any kind with less impact on staff by allowing the user to complete the form and add any additional information, such as documents associated to an application, insurance verification or receipts
  • Replace paper forms (even forms that require signatures) that can become outdated, waste resources and take longer to process that electronic requests
  • Provide virtually anyone with the ability to submit forms and documentation anytime, anywhere using any device they choose


  • Supports creation of complex HTML forms for advanced designers
  • Included in the standard FileBound Edition with no usage limits
  • Routes forms and/or attachments via workflow
  • Includes basic templates that can be re-used or modified and allows designers to create their own templates to enforce internal branding standards
  • Limit access to forms using FileBound passwords or usage codes
  • Choose between standard forms and adaptable forms that optimise viewing on mobile devices

FileBound - Did you know series - E-Forms

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