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Customer-Centric IAM

The success of your business depends on building strong relationships with your customers and partners. Creating positive user experiences and allowing convenient access to your online services ultimately drives new business opportunities.

With the customer-centric IAM Identity and Access Management solution, you can empower your users to manage their own identities enabling your organisation to reduce customer care costs by automating identity processes. Improve customer-convenience with verified social identities and provide strong, multi-factor authentication for business critical transactions.

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Managed PKI







Managed PKI

Support and Manage Enterprise-wide Certificate Needs

pbDigital’s cloud-based certificate management platform reduces the effort, cost, and time associated with managing multiple enterprise digital certificates. Support for multiple entities under one account and delegated user administrator offer complete, centralised control of certificate needs across your entire organisation.

Instant Issuance of Multi-functional Digital Certificates

Pre-vetted company profiles and domains mean you can immediately issue certificates to accommodate specific department or project needs - SSL, digitally sign and encrypt email (S/MIME), authenticate users and devices to networks, enable mobile security and authentication, digitally sign Microsoft Office and PDF documents, and SmartCard Logon.

APIs & Active Directory Integration

Automate certificate lifecycles and workflows with APIs and integration with Active Directory. By leveraging existing Active Directory investments, you can automatically provision certificates to all domain-connected users, devices, machines, and servers without the burden of managing PKI in-house.

High-volume issuance License

Managed PKI offers significant volume discounts over purchasing individual certificates. You can choose from various purchasing options, including Pay as You Go, deposit method, and unlimited issuance licenses for increased flexibility with budget planning.

Multiple Business Profiles

Register multiple companies or departments (profiles) under one account. Ideal for umbrella entities needing to manage certificates for several subgroups, all certificate activity can be monitored, managed and centralised from just one account.

GlobalSign CustomerID™

Fresh thinking and new approaches are now changing how identity and access management (IAM) solutions are being deployed so that you can enable revenue generating services faster than ever. The success of your business depends upon the ease with which your users can access the online services they need to do business with you.

Providing a positive user experience, reducing the burden on your customer support staff, and offering secure access from any device are essential when selecting an IAM solution.

Self-Service Workflows and Tiered Delegated Administration

With GlobalSign CustomerID™, you can outsource the identity management of your online services and applications to your customers and partners using those services. It is no longer necessary for your organisation to manage the identities in your partner or customer network, as your external users can do it themselves.

GlobalSign CustomerID has been built to minimise the cost of identity management through a design that includes many helpful self-service functions and integrations to third party verified customer data.

These self-service customer relationship management methods can result in up to 500-fold savings compared to physical customer service when dealing with a user base that reaches hundreds, thousands or even millions in numbers.

Key Features of GlobalSign CustomerID™

  • Customers can perform self-registration and self-service
  • Outsource identity management for partners and customers
  • Configurable registration work-flows for customised processes
  • Centralised identity management and authorisation for online services and applications
  • Customers can delegate organisations or other persons to access your online service and applications

GlobalSign SSO™

Centralised Access and Authorisation Control

GlobalSign SSO™ provides secure user authentication, authorisation and access control for online services and applications. The product platform significantly reduces application complexity and development time, and provides users with seamless single sign-on capabilities across application platforms and operating system domains. In monetary terms, this means cost savings of up to 29% for application life-cycle management.

  • Enables customers a smooth login process, self-service account management tools and secure account data protection
  • Offers enterprises faster service rollover and adoption, reduce help desk service calls, reduce risk exposure and improved audit compliance
  • Provides government bodies rapid and scalable deployment of flexible eID solutions supporting millions of users

Key Features of GlobalSign SSO

  • Easy to deploy and connect to existing user data sources and applications
  • Support for dozens of authentication technologies
  • Powerful role and/or attribute based extensible authorisation engine
  • Secure access to local and remote web and cloud applications
  • Provides access control across domains and application technologies
  • Self-service credential management
  • Highly scalable with high availability support

Standards-Based and Flexible

Through its configurable platform-specific standards-based integration modules, GlobalSign SSO provides easy and rapid deployment of advanced authentication and authorisation to all popular web and application server platforms. By integrating with the comprehensive GlobalSign IAM solution, application developers can focus on their core competency – building business specific applications – and benefit from a fully supported customer-centric identity and access management solution.

GlobalSign OAuth Authorisation Server

With the OAuth Authorisation Server component of the GlobalSign IAM solution, you can use practically any of the 20+ authentication mechanism available with your GlobalSign SS0 setup for user identity verification to web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, car entertainment systems, home automation set-ups, APIs, or any OAuth 2.0 enabled device or application. OAuth 2.0 is one of the prevailing standards for securing the Internet of Everything (IoE). Depending on your use case, GlobalSign SSO delivers the correct way to implement the user or device authentication in the first step of the OAuth workow.

GlobalSign OAuth Authorisation Server available as a part of GlobalSign SSO is a complete OAuth package to help your organisation implement or utilise proper user identity verication for OAuth clients and online services, APIs and back-end services.

GlobalSign Trust™

Federated Access Solutions

GlobalSign Trust™ is a control centre for identity federation - transferring identity information across two (or more) independent domains. Customer acquisition becomes up to 100X more cost efficient as registration and login processes of new customers can be performed with just a single click.

An example for a customer transaction is vacation planning, where the user books a flight, reserves a car and books a hotel room using different services. When these services use federation, the user experience is improved and the partner companies can enjoy increased revenues as they enlarge their potential customer base through these partnerships.

100 Times More Cost Efficient Way to Acquire New Customers

  • For consumers, this means seamless access to diverse resources without unnecessary re-authentication
  • For businesses, it is a new way to generate business opportunities by opening the doors of your online service and applications to your trusted partners
  • For government bodies, it is a way to reduce transaction costs for the online services and applications that citizens access

Key Features of GlobalSign Trust

  • Centralised policy management and authorisation
  • Increase service adoption by leveraging existing partner accounts
  • Quickly add social login to your e-services
  • Policy-based access control
  • Standards-based, automated trust relationship management
  • Cloud + SaaS-ready: support for major cloud and SaaS providers
  • GUI Conguration with delegated system administration

Inbound and Outbound Federation

Inbound identity federation lets your local systems accept the credentials of customers from third-party services, such as popular social networking sites, partner organisations, or commercial identity providers like banks and government institutions. Trust is established and controlled through an online interface.

Outbound identity federation enables your user community to access external services such as SaaS applications, cloud providers and partner services using their existing single sign-on session – no username, password or other credentials required. User authorisation information, roles and attributes are controlled according to your local security policy. This eliminates the administrative overheads of account management and increases overall system security.

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